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Subject: Horror films ?
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x.h0ttie.x 6.07.14 - 07:41pm
Anyone know any good horror films I'm bored s**tless n fck all to do *

my.ruin 6.07.14 - 10:41pm
If u have netflix I reccomend hatchet 3, youre next or tucker and dale versus evil.... And thats just for starters lol x *

bicvicky 7.07.14 - 04:44am
I thought tucker and dale verses evil was sh it have u seen the new evil dead i fancy watching that?x *

my.ruin 7.07.14 - 08:42am
Gasp! Blasphemy! Its hilarious! Yea the new evil dead is pretty good, so is the new carrie x *

x.h0ttie.x 13.07.14 - 06:08am
I don't want funny I want scary lol *

my.ruin 13.07.14 - 08:23am
Films dont tend to scare me... Im desensitized lol x *

x.h0ttie.x 14.07.14 - 08:51pm
Sure when ur watching funny scary lol I like mega scary n stuff also like Michael Myers and freddy k I also like step father 1 2 and 3 , clown house *

bicvicky 14.07.14 - 09:11pm
Never heard of step father or clown house? *

my.ruin 14.07.14 - 09:45pm
I dont find any horrors scary, serious or funny lol x *

x.h0ttie.x 16.07.14 - 12:06pm
Bivicky there from like 1989 on YouTube I can upload the links if u want me too there good films *

fthhan 16.07.14 - 12:40pm
Amercian horror story is good (: messed up but a awesome series to watch! *

21scotsm 16.07.14 - 01:04pm
Aw nightmare in elm street are awesome films.
Well you could watch:
Insidious 1 & 2.
The silence of the lambs.
Texas chain saw massacre.
Dawn of the dead (1974)
The Shining
Rosemary's Baby *

fthhan 16.07.14 - 01:30pm
Chucky? Amazing films!! Halloween uncut is good (: *

fthhan 16.07.14 - 04:24pm
The new Carrie was s**t... *

oldr3dbull 17.07.14 - 03:51am
darkness falls r ghost machine *

my.ruin 17.07.14 - 09:00am
Which new carrie? lol american horror story is awesome! Cant wait for season three on netflix x *

jennaxsu 19.07.14 - 10:30pm
Sinister..that one will mess with your head..seriously.. *

x.h0ttie.x 23.08.14 - 08:27am
Sinister is lame lmao *

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