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Subject: Bored
Replies: 8 Views: 835

x.h0ttie.x 11.05.14 - 02:46pm
Who wants to chat *

chin69 11.05.14 - 02:48pm
You could have chatted to me but you where just being abusive lol *

x.h0ttie.x 11.05.14 - 09:36pm
Sod u then :@ *

chin69 11.05.14 - 10:37pm
That was a joke about when you where callin me gay boy earlier hun *

x.h0ttie.x 12.05.14 - 05:02pm
Well u are one *

oldr3dbull 13.05.14 - 01:09pm
hahaha she cals evry1 a f* she gt dumpd wen her boyfrnd gt sick of her n bcn gay hahaha evr since evry is a f*g hahahahahaha n she bcm a b*tchaminator fart.GIF *

x.h0ttie.x 14.05.14 - 01:47pm
Older your the f*g not smithy I'd rather be single than talk to a tw*t like u thanks ! And I ain't ever been dumped thanks *

bigone4u 16.05.14 - 01:03pm
Hi ill chat wiv you x *

deepsingh1983 25.05.14 - 02:51pm
Hi any one chat me *

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