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Star HottiesChatRoom

Group Founder: x.h0ttie.x
Description: Don't add my account I won't accept !! Need 3 admin for this group to upload pictures polls so on Inbox me male or female :) I delete peoe every month from now on
Group Type: Public join
Members: 273
Category: Chat Groups > By Age

Topics (21)

go New friends (0) kateysl2

go Do you like Halloween and horror stuff (2) x.h0ttie.x
Leave your comments below

go U.K. Women ? (0) nottsdom
Any uk women wanna chat ? Bi and local to Nottingham would be perfect ;)

go hot mood (0) prakas786
Hai all am new here this site ..can we i join here he

go ???? (3) lisaxmanclassx
I want it

go s*x (2) lisaxmanclassx
Who's feeling horns

go Chatting ?? (0) x.h0ttie.x
Any one wanna chat inbox me am bored !!

go how to make frnd (1) befmac
i want more frnds

go Horror films ? (17) x.h0ttie.x
Anyone know any good horror films I'm bored s**tless n fck all to do

go do u know (2) x.h0ttie.x
Do you know a life of loneliness and one filled with painliving a life with nothing to gain. Surrounded by darknessOverwhelmed with shame. A life without peace with no one to blame. Do you know of a p...

go Looking for 2/3 admin for the group (0) x.h0ttie.x
Looking for anyone that likes uploading pictures doing topics polls so on Inbox me please

go My facebook - Add me (1) x.h0ttie.x

go happy (1) rockerzz08
Ny 1 der

go Bored (8) x.h0ttie.x
Who wants to chat

go Lies (0) x.h0ttie.x
You broke my heart in twoAnd took me like a bet,with all you put me throughI have so many regrets.To lose you was worth it,although I wasn't sure,it seemed to make me happy,but still so insecure.We al...


Photos (28)

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Polls (7)

go Do you love horror films
go Do u like Halloween
go Which sports u like best
go Which soaps do u like ??
go Whats your age (bored)
go Football Team
go Hottie/carlie too quit

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